Practical Martial Arts for a more Modern Era.

Golden Knights Karate practices a form or Martial Arts called Pon-Do-Kwan, or “Freestyle” Shotokan. We have a strong base in Shotokan, and incorporate techniques from Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu, and Boxing as well. Our Freestyle Shotokan is easily incorporated into practical fighting, and self-defense techniques; though it may not be as flashy as more traditional martial arts.

 Golden Knights’ students value Discipline and Respect - while having fun!

Original Golden Knights Instructors. (Left to Right - Mark Alexander, Scott Baldwin, Marty Weedon, Ryan Zimmerman, Brian McCoy, Scott Alexander

We recognize that many people (often children) struggle with bullying, confidence, discipline, and general respect. Golden Knights Karate seeks to build these skills through martial arts instruction. Our students are encouraged and rewarded for showing these skills in their life inside, and outside of the dojo.

We invite you to learn about our program and the many things that make us different. Contact us to learn more, stop by and observe a class or sign up for a two-week trial membership.