Looking for a karate program? 

There are lots of choices out there. But keep in mind:  what a program looks like on paper isn’t always what you get. That’s why we invite you to stop by and observe a class or two.


We think you’ll find that we are different from the other schools out there, and here’s why:
•    No Hidden Fees. One Inclusive Monthly Fee of $140. And we mean it!
•    No Test Fees. Most schools charge a fee every time a student tests for a belt. At Golden Knights, all testing is included in your monthly payment.
•    No contracts. We are strictly month-to-month. 
•    First 2 Weeks Free. Of course you’ll visit a class or two, but we’ll go even further. We’ll give you your first two weeks free. There’s no better way to see if our program is right for you.
•    Body-Mind-Spirit Approach. We teach solid technique, but we also encourage students to practice a unique set of approaches and strategies that translate into valuable life skills. Our goal is to help students become effective martial artists while also developing the values and habits they will need to become confident human beings.
•    High Standards. At Golden Knights, we set the bar high. Our students respond by working hard. Therefore, when they reach a milestone or earn a belt, they know they have earned it. This is the only way to build real self-esteem and true confidence. We don’t take shortcuts.
•    Longevity. Golden Knights has been working with students of all ages for nearly 35 years. You can be confident that we are committed to our students, and look forward to teaching and mentoring them in the years to come.
    Local. Golden Knights was founded by longtime Frederick resident Marty Weedon and was passed on to Scott Alexander.

The 5 Principles of Golden Knights


1) Loyalty to my Instructors, school, and the principles of my art.
2) Never initiate violence.
3) Always strive for what is Good, not Evil.
4) Work towards the creation of harmony between all people.
5) Respect Nature.