Looking for a karate program? 

There are lots of choices out there. But keep in mind:  what a program looks like on paper isn’t always what you get. That’s why we invite you to stop by and observe a class or two.


Silver Squires, Ages 3 - 5: In our Silver Squires program, students will learn the very basics of karate, enhance their developing motor skills through physical activity, and learn to positively interact with their peers.

Standard Class, Ages 6-16: In our standard class, students will learn more traditional martial arts skills, as well as the blending of real world techniques, and will advance their knowledge each class. Here they will learn the basics of Katas, sparring, and self-defense; all while working on control, discipline, respect. Board breaking will also be introduced and practiced throughout this class.

Adult Class, Ages 16+: This class is exclusively for adults. Here adults of any rank are welcome to come learn and practice their skills. This is a great class for those who want to get a physical workout, learn something new, or advance their martial arts journey.

Student Leadership Program, Adv.Blue Belt+: This program offers students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. They will be tasked with helping lead drills, and sometimes working one-on-one with fellow students. They will be required to have good class attendance, good attitude, and good grades to be allowed into this program.

Junior/Assistant Instructor Program: At the rank of Junior Black Belt, students who have been involved in the Student Leadership Program are eligible to enroll to be a Junior Instructor. These students will have greater authority, and responsibilities in class. At the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt, and with continued attendance, students will be eligible to be an Assistant Instructor pending a review from the Senior Instructors.

The 5 Principles of Golden Knights


1) Loyalty to my Instructors, school, and the principles of my art.
2) Never initiate violence.
3) Always strive for what is Good, not Evil.
4) Work towards the creation of harmony between all people.
5) Respect Nature.